Our product range comprises complete instrumentation and equipment for all
usual endoscopy needs. Hereby the focus
has always been on rigid endoscopy.

Available are rigid (and flexible)
endoscopes, instruments and units
of the following fields:


Laparoscopes, Micro-Laparoscopes, OP-Laparoscopes, Trocar sheaths, Trocars, Clip-Applicators, Modular Laparoscopy-Instruments ( 3mm, 5mm and 10mm), Bipolar Forceps, Suction-Irrigation-Instruments, Suction-Irrigation-Units,
CO²-Insufflators, ...


Cystoscopes, Hysteroscopes, Hysteroscopy-Sheaths, Instruments for Tube sterilization, Ring-Applicators, Amnioscopes, Blood Collection Set, Hysteroflator, ...


Cystoscopes, Cysto-Urethroscopy-Sheaths, Optical Instruments, Flexible Instruments, Coagulation-Electrodes, Resectoscopes, monopolar Electrodes, Urethrotomes, Uretero-Renoscopes, Nephroscopes, ...


Arthroscopes, Trocar sheaths and Trocars, Punches, Scissors, Forceps, Handinstruments, Shaver,
Shaverblades, Arthro-Pump, ...


Sinuscopes, Trocar sheaths and Trocars, Nasal forceps, punches, scissors, Handinstruments, Otoscopes, Headlights, Flexible Naso-Pharyngoscopes, ...


Apart from this standard product-line special attention is given to the development of innovative custom-made products.

A high product quality is fundamental ingredient of the company policy.


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